RV-9A Mods

I frequently find myself answering questions about all the modifications I have done to the RV-9A so I decided to put together a list.

  1. Empennage
    1. Removable vertical stabilizer top cap fairing.  I did this to allow me to install a camera some day.
    2. Anti-Splat Aero Vertical Stabilizer attachment reinforcement.
    3. Safeair1 Static air ports and tubing kit
  2. Wings
    1. Archer Nav antenna in right wingtip
    2. Leading edge LED landing lights. Both wings.
    3. Wingtips attached with hinges instead of bolts.
  3. Fuselage
    1. Anti-Splat Aero Almost a 14 seat mod
    2. Supertracks slider extensions
    3. Oxygen system including baggage area bottle mount
    4. Hinged upper baggage door
    5. Baggage floor access panels for remote avionics
    6. Machined aluminum vents
    7. Sikaflex attached canopy
    8. Carbon fiber canopy skirt
    9. Overhead sliding sun shade
    10. Windows in elevator bell-crank access panels.
    11. Modular Instrument panel frame with carbon fiber panels
    12. VPX Sport
    13. Dual roll bar lift handles
    14. Full size passenger side storage compartment (glove box)
    15. Dual Delta Pop bent whip comm antenna's
    16. Dual Delta Pop ADSB/Transponder antenna's
    17. Fuel drain machined aluminum fairings
    18. Fuel tank vent machined aluminum fairings
    19. Rudder cable exit fairings
    20. Heated leather seats
    21. Sidewall interior panels
  4. Finishing Kit
    1. Anti-Splat Aero 
      1. sealed and machined wheel bearings all 3 wheels
      2. Nose Job II
    2. Sam James extended Cowl
    3. RV Jack points on main gear
    4. Parking brake

  5. Engine
    1. Lycon Ported and flow balanced cylinders
    2. Dual PMags with EI Commander monitoring instrument
    3. Superior forward facing Cold Air induction
    4. Anti-Splat Aero
      1. Air/Oil Separator with vacuum valve attach
      2. magnetic oil sump plug
    5. Precision balanced fuel injectors
    6. Cooling air intake plenum
    7. Firewall mounted 13 row oil cooler (2007X)
    8. EarthX ETX900 LiFePo battery
    9. B&C angle oil filter adapter and associated extension
    10. O2 sensor