Thursday, July 9, 2020

More wiring

Dang it!  I am sure I just posted that last post a week or so ago....

Yep, more wiring.  Well, wiring and related tasks.  The past few weeks have been a blur of small tasks all related to getting the interior panel area all buttoned up.  I expect the engine to be ready in the next month or so which means I will want to get the airplane up on its gear and engine mounted. 

This is a rather odd perspective but its under the center console looking aft to where the fuel valve extension comes up through the tunnel (the star shaped object bolted on with 3 washers and one nut.  Below that is the bracket that will hold the throttle and prop cable housing.  What you can't see even further back is the base of the throttle quadrant.

Throttle quadrant bolted down to the tunnel cover.  There is a sizable doubler on the under side of this sheet that is attached by all those AN470 rivets you see.

This is what it looks like now.  The quadrant is bolted on, the cable mount is bolted on, and the wire loom for the headset jacks is bolted to the tunnel cover.

Following the footsteps of a couple others who have gone before me I attached the silver relay housing to the SDS CNC'd ECU enclosure.  The wiring harness for the two just seemed to be made for this.

This is the back side of the firewall where the ground penetration goes through.  Still lots of wire work to do including some support needs.

Here the CNC is cutting the plate you see in the next picture.  This is where the headsets will plug in.  I'm only installing the Lemo plugs in this airplane.  I will purchase a couple of the dual GA headset adapters to keep in the airplane for headsets that require that method.  This should help eliminate any ground loops that the GA plugs are famous for.

Here the Lemo plugs are installed and ready to be mounted in the center console.

I installed and wired up much of the FlyLED control board as well.  This is in the foot-well of the right side rear passenger seat.  There is a panel that covers this area and its a good common location for all light wiring runs.

I did a bit of wiring on the firewall as well.  Here you can see some of the various wires coming through the firewall pass-through as well as some of the power harness.  The big white cable that goes from the solenoid on the left to the solenoid on the right is the cross connect cable. The smaller white wire on the left is the backup battery power supply.

Most of the wires are installed at this point.  Still a few more to terminate like the blue and brown wires you see hanging out.

This is the final look of those label plates that I engraved on the CNC a few weeks ago.  I think they look good!

A little dark but the purpose of this picture was to show that the Magnetometer is installed, can bus terminated, and wired up.  The only wiring I have to do in the tunnel is to install the Yaw servo connector.