Sunday, October 6, 2013

yup, I missed my target

As expected I missed my target of starting to assemble the fuselage.  However, I am very happy that I did miss this target.  I got to go on a great flight Saturday!  Jeff asked me to join him and Harry on an afternoon flight and man what a flight it was!  We left Thun field and climbed up to 9500 feet and headed east.  A short stop for fuel and we ended up at Grande Coulee Dam.  what an awesome day of flying.  I have a couple of pictures that I will post below.  I did manage to get all of the bulkhead pieces primed and I did start on the first longeron which tuned out to be a quite a challenge.

Jeffs RV-7A on our saturday flight.  This is a panoramic shot with my iPhone.

Harry and Jeff talking at Harry's Rocket when we stopped at Electric City near Grande Coulee dam.

What a beautiful flight back.  The Cascade mountain range from the East Side.

The longerons as I was marking them up for bending.

Longerons after marking them for bending.
Ok, it may be just me but these rivets just look sexy on that nice freshly primed piece of aluminum.