Monday, May 19, 2014

Garage Sale weekend

Yep, garage sale weekend also means "Darin cleans the garage and moves the airplane stuff to a corner" weekend.  As a result I spent a lot of the past few days cleaning and rearranging which is good because it needed it anyway.  I also had a lot of fun this weekend working on the plane and helping Harry with the annual on his 150.  Jeff had told me a couple of time that the fuselage was his favorite part of the build and I have to agree.  I have been really enjoying my time in the ribs to flute or clean proseal... and very little time in the plans.

Oh, I also spent some time working on the empennage fairings getting them ready to be riveted to their respective locations.

Part of the switch panel is a ground bar that connects all of the switches to a common ground.  This is my rendition of a ground bar.  The little hump I bent into it will be used to skip one of the switches (the alternator switch).  See the next picture for how it is used.  Notice I soldered the nuts to the bar so that I could make the switches removable.

Here is the back side of the switch panel.  You can see where I have installed the ground bar and also the jumper from the alternator switch to the master switch.  The jumper wiring configuration prevents me from turning off the master without turning off the alternator first which has been known to cause some really bad reactions from the alternator.

Lots of wires starting to grow back here.  This is the back side of the instrument panel

This little guy is the dimmer switch control board.  It will handle up to 4 seperate dimmers at a time.  I will have the interior lights (panel, pilot map, co-pilot map lights) all on different dimmers.

I finally got around to installing my flap switch and my aux fuel pump switch in the center console.  Not sure I am happy with these switches,  they sit nice and function nicely but they are not "tight" in the hole.  Probably going to have to contact Otto about that one.

Just for fun I snapped a picture of Harry buried in the back of his 150 testing the ELT.  :-)