Friday, September 25, 2015

Reno Air Races

This past week I got a chance to make a trip to Reno for the air races.  It was my first trip down and I really enjoyed the venue.  Lots of airplanes (very fast airplanes), lots of friends, and something a little different.  Dad was kind enough to let me borrow his motor home so I drove my car over to Montana last Wednesday, helped Dad move a couple of loads of wood, and then drove the motor home back to Seattle that afternoon.  Driving that beast was an experience all in and of itself!  The next day Jeff, his son Lane and two of Lane's friends (Gibson and  ) all loaded up and headed out for Reno.  We stopped in Grants Pass Oregon at the Walmart for the night and finished up the trip the next day.  We arrived just in time to catch the last couple of heats of the race from the roof of the RV.  It was very hot during the day and pretty darn cold at night but overall it was a fun time.

Not much happened with the RV-10 this week due to the Reno trip and prepping for my return to work next week.  Like I said before, not much of a hurry to get this one done.  :-)

Jeff driving and the kids .... well doing what kids do today.

Mt Shasta in the background during a short pitstop.

Another mountain that I forgot the name of at the same pit stop.

Our chariot of choice!

Selfie of Jeff and I sitting on top of the RV shortly after arrival.

A view of the Breitling jet formation team performance from the top of the RV.

This is the hot air cooling configuration that one of the RV racers had on his airplane.  I liked it so much I decided to take a picture so I could study and possibly adopt it on my 9.

Another view of the creativity of the split oil cooler heating and the ramp that controls the flow of air in the lower cowling.

Ok, one more picture....