Sunday, October 4, 2015

Long trip to the coast today.

Today Jeff, Chad and I continued our exploration of the airports of the PNW.  Today we ticked two more off of the list.  Forks (famous as the setting of the Twilight stories), and Quileute which has a HUGE old airport that is no longer in demand.  Here are a bunch of pictures...notice that I think this is the first time I've flown out over the ocean with this airplane.

I wish the camera could do justice to the beauty of this flight but it can't.  What you see in the pictures below is just a shadow of the majesty we enjoy in the PNW (Pacific Northwest).

Jeff taxiing out for our early morning departure.

Me in trail.

Some of the low level fog in the area....what a beautiful view this morning....

The Olympic mountain range...

I've struggled over the past several months to get a good picture of my instrument panel.  This morning the light was just right so I took this picture...I think it turned out great!

From left to right..My RV-9A, Chad's RV-7 and Jeff's RV-7A sitting on the ramp at Forks Washington.

Jeff doing his pre-takeoff runup.

Chad doing his pre-takeoff runup.

This is the rundown airport at Quileute Washington.  

A few pictures of the Pacific ocean...