Monday, December 28, 2015

More rudder work and a wing kit

Wow, only two weeks since my last post...I must be getting better...not.

For the last two weeks I haven't done too much work on the 10 but I did re-do some work.  I had started putting the rudder together and after getting the ribs riveted together I tried to get the forward spar to fit.  Well guess what?  I had installed all of the ribs on the wrong skins!  That required some amount of cussing and then a long process of drilling out all of the rivets, and then re-riveting the entire structure back together again.  I'm almost back to the point where I started the week.

On a more positive note, yesterday Harry and I drove up to a house north of here and took a look at a 10 wing kit that someone was selling.  The work looked pretty good and most importantly there wasn't a ton of riveting done.  I really want to do the majority of the work on the kit myself but I couldn't say no to the huge savings I would get if I purchased this wing kit.  After looking at the work on both the wing, and the completed empennage I decided to purchase it.  Now I have a backup empennage kit that I can sell (assuming I don't mess up the one I am working on now).  Harry was nice enough to offer to come help me pick up the kit today!

Finally on my list of news I got to do some flying this week but I will save that for another post.

OH yea, I also installed a step up converter on the 9 landing light mount.  Now I can install the 24v LED landing lights that Harry gave me!

Look at all those pretty rivets!  Yep, I had to drill them all out and the ones on the other skin not shown in this picture.

Ok, this looks a little odd, but its actually me riveting the two skins together.  The upper skin is lifted up so I can work on the ribs one at a time and then lower the skin to the next rib.  Yes this was taken before I figured out I had put the ribs on the wrong skins....