Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Back to work on the 10

Well Fall has come and its time to start working on the 10 again.  Funny but it was kind of hard to get started because I had a lot of deburring and aluminum cleanup that needed to be done.  I finally knocked that out and am moving right along with the elevators again.

Amy and I stopped by the Snoqualmie Falls last weekend. :-)

Right elevator assembled for final drilling.  Still have to do some dimpling and riveting.

Left elevator assembled for final drilling.

Oh yea, I did get to fly IFR to Spokane a few weeks ago.  This was a work trip and a co-worker went along with me.  This was on the return trip as we passed Mt Rainier.

Another picture of the flight to Spokane.  It is so pretty above the clouds.

I had to take some pictures of the interior of the airplane for the guys that I bought from.  This was one of the pictures.

See that pretty little white RV-4 in the background?  Thats my buddy Martin's new steed.  If you have a really sharp eye you will also notice there is an RV-10 fuselage sitting back there....drool.

I got to fly to Bremerton with Harry for breakfast.  He wasn't feeling all that fast and the Cessna was begging for a little air time so here we go...  It was fun flying slow with him.  The RV-9 is plenty stable that those lower speeds which made the flight quite enjoyable.