Sunday, December 18, 2016

Trim Tabs and cold weather

This week was trim tab time.  I figured I could knock them out in a few hours....right...  Anyway they are getting close to being ready to "glue" up and then rivet.  I skipped a few steps on the elevators because the next step for them is to glue (proseal) some foam spacers in place and I wanted to do the prosealing all at one time.

I did get to do a little flying the weekend.  Jeff and I went out Friday afternoon and just looped the Puget Sound.  Then on Saturday we met up with Martin and went to Jefferson County airport for a little breakfast.

Elevators ready for the trailing edge sequence.

Jeff against Mt Si as we pass over my house.

Another shot of Jeff near Mt Si.

Sunset Friday evening.  It was so cold my oil temperature wasn't getting hot enough to boil the moisture out so I did an aggressive climb up to about 7500' to warm up the oil.  While I was up there I caught this picture but it really doesn't do the colors justice.

Jeff and I do our run-up checks.  The sun was just starting to break out over Mt Rainier.  Temperature was about 21 degrees when we took off.

We ran into a little light snow at Jeffco.  This is Martins RV-4 parked next to me and the snow is drifting around.  Not much wind so it was cool to see the snow blow around the prop and plane as we landed.