Wednesday, July 19, 2017

No good deed....

Well remember that nice long post about my prop change?  Well theres more to the story.  Turns out that the prop not only was the wrong color but it was the wrong prop entirely!  I ordered a WW200RV and what I got was the Scimitar prop designed for a 200+ HP engine.   There was a mixup at the factory and my prop was shipped to a guy who is building an RV-14 and I got his prop.  So after a bunch of wrangling and coordination the plan is to send me a "temporary" prop that will allow me to fly to Oshkosh and then eventually I will get my actual prop.  In the mean time I get to change out props two more times.

The first change out is done.  The temporary prop is installed but I almost want to cry.  Look at the pictures below and you will see why.

On a good note, Mariah and I flew to Montana to spend the weekend with Dad, Samone and Chad.  Several other family members showed up so we had a mini reunion.