Sunday, April 29, 2018

Right wing work continues

Still working on the right wing.  I finished up the trim servo mount and I was able to prime the control tubes so that I can get those installed.  This wing project is certainly taking longer than I had anticipated...but doesn't it always?  The bottom skin in now riveted in place.  I managed to do the entire side by myself.  I didn't try that on the 9A wing but I'm guessing I could have done it if I tried.

Control tubes after I had primed the interior of each one.  Unlike the outside where I spray the primer on the interior requires that I mix up some primer and then dump it in and swish it back and forth.  I set the tubes up like this to allow any excess primer to drain out.

Roll trim servo bolted into its mount which will be bolted to the bottom of a wing access plate.

Roll trim servo mount sitting on the wing inspection access plate.  
Wiring for Autopilot roll servo. 

Wiring runs completed including lock stitching the wires together and running a pull string for any future wire runs.

Roll trim servo wires hiding behind the inspection plate opening.

Outboard bottom skin cleco'd in place for final riveting.  On the far left side of the picture you can see the coiled mass of wires that will be pulled into the fuselage when the wing is finally attached.
And finally here it is with both bottom skins riveted in place.  I still have a little work to do on the root as well as installing the control rods/belcrank.