Sunday, May 27, 2018

The results are in!

Well, I put it all together and ran the heck out of the 9A this weekend and guess what... NO MORE OIL TEMPERATURE ISSUES!!!!  I am pretty excited about this.  I did a high power climb from sea level to 8000' this morning to test the new oil cooler and the hottest I could get it was 190.  If I had tried that same stunt 2 weeks ago my oil temps would have been well into the 200's. 

Very excited for two reasons, first I don't have to worry about oil temps any longer on hot days.  Second, I can now go back to work on the 10!  :-)

This is the oil cooler bolted in place.  The hoses are not yet attached because I was messing with the plastic elbows above.

Another shot of the oil cooler and shroud.

Oh yea, the 10 didn't go without a little love this week are the 6 new cylinders for the engine...mmmm toys.....

On Saturday Jeff, Harry, Bob and I got a chance to fly to Mulino for lunch.  This is 3 of us staging outside of Harry's hangar.  we brought along a couple of new people (Jay and Danny) to give them a little RV time.
The remaining photo's on this page are courtesy of our passenger Jay.  :-)

I wonder when Jeff installed smoke?!?