Sunday, August 26, 2018

Wings go to storage

I know its only been a few days since my last post but today was a big day in that it marked a shift in the build process.  Today Harry and Ben helped me load up my completed wings, drive them to the airport, and then Harry and Martin helped me unload them for storage in the hangar.  I still have a little fiberglass work to do as well as a few final assembly tasks such as riveting the pitot tube mast in but for now they are done.  Yaah hooo.

Here is a quick time-lapse video taken from one of our front security camera's.

Wing tip attachment hinges riveted to the wings.  This was the last step I needed to complete before putting the wings in storage until final assembly.  

Not an everyday sight.  The wings had to be removed from the cradle so we could load the cradle into the back of my truck.  Here I laid a few blankets down on the driveway and then gently set the wings on the blankets.  Such an unusual sight that I had to take a picture.

Loaded and ready to go!  Thanks Harry and Ben!

Finally the wings in their storage hangar.  You can see the 9's wingtip on the right side if you know what you are looking at.