Sunday, September 23, 2018

Oil cooler outlet ducting installed

Finally I was able to install the oil cooler outlet duct this afternoon.  This project took much more time that I hoped it would.  I think I printed out 3 different version, used the CNC to make one version out of aluminum and finally came up with this final design made out of the fiberglass and carbon fiber.  I probably wont get a chance to fly it until next week but I don't expect much of a change in the oil temps, only now I will have the ability to regulate the oil temperature on really cold days. (Edit: 9/30/18 - After flying this combination for about 4 hours now I am happy with the setup.  Project success)

This is the outboard inside view.  The servo will control the flapper in the middle of the duct opening.

This side has the 2" outlet nozzle that the heater hose attaches to.

View of the installed duct from the side of the airplane.

Looking up at the bottom of the oil cooler.  You can see in this picture part of the problem I had with this duct.  That engine mount strut was routed directly over the middle of the duct.

Looking aft from the front of the airplane.