Sunday, May 12, 2019

Section 34 and 35 almost done

Not many pictures so far but with the tail completely attached it was time to finish the baggage area.  That included the floors, the baggage aft panels (top and bottom) as well as the side panel covers.  I didn't complete the top aft tail cone cover because I will likely make a modification to it when I do the seat belts.  I also plan on installing an access door in the bottom panel that will allow me to access the battery and the ELT without needing to remove a bunch of screws.  That will probably happen much later and probably even after first flight.

I've almost complete the baggage area access door as well.  The first attempt at getting it to fit flush didn't go so well so I have ordered a replacement piece from Van's to give it another shot.  I want that door as flush as possible.  I did make a small modification here.  Similar to many other RV-10 builders I wanted the baggage door to be removable so I cut the back side of a few of the middle hinge eyelets to allow me to install two half size pins from the middle. 

I am now working on the last of the aluminum fabrication work (section 35).  There are a number of access panels and cover panels that get installed in this section of the plans.  Once that is done the fabrication of aluminum structure is basically complete.  I still have to rivet the top forward cover on as well as the flanges for the quarter turn cowling fasteners but that is pretty minimal.  I also have a number of modifications to do to the center tunnel cover to accommodate the rudder cable modification I am planning.

As with every year this past few weeks I have been working on the 9.  The Annual inspection was due by the end of April and I needed to make a couple of changes (of course).  I hooked up the O2 sensor but still haven't configured the EFIS to display it.  I tried a few things to try to eliminate the drip of water that comes into the baggage area when I fly through rain.  So far nothing I try has eliminated the issue.  Well anyway this years annual is in the books.  I found out during this annual that my differential pressure rig that I use to do engine compression's was off by 5 pounds!  Now that I know the error I found my compression's all at or above 72/80.  Nice.

This is a picture of the hinge assembly with the center eyelets cut in half.  You can see how the pins will slide in and out to allow me to easily remove the baggage door.

This is an outside view so you can see that this modification will not be visible from the outside.

Speaking of modifications...  Since it was time to rivet in the rear seat pans I needed to install the standoffs that will hold the FlyLED lighting control board.  This is a central location between the wing lights and the tail strobe so I figured it would be a good location.  This area is covered by the flap actuator covers and will not be accessible unless I remove that cover.