Sunday, June 9, 2019

Controls installed

It's kind of funny but the title of this post is "Controls Installed" which is not technically correct.  I've completed most of the work of configuring and installing the controls in the cockpit but there are still a number of steps that will happen later in the build as things start to come together.  Anyway for now that section of the plans is complete as is the flap controls and the rear seats.  No modifications to the controls but I will have to strip/prime/paint the control sticks.  See the picture below for more details.

There are no pictures of the rear seats because I used the seat frames that I built for the 9A.  When I purchased the new seats for it they came with their own frame so these were extra.  Now they have a home and they are identical to the rear seats that are designed for the 10.

Here is a picture I didn't want to see.  If you look closely at the powder coating on the control stick you will notice that it has a "hammered" look.  I've seen this before and its actually corrosion under the powder coating.  I pulled the control stick back out of the airplane and ran a scrap of aluminum over the "bumps" and this is what I got.  Rust.  I will have to completely strip the powder coating off of the sticks and then prime/paint them.  

Flap motor and actuation mechanicals installed.

I had a little fun this week as well.  This is the oil cooler mount that gets mounted on the firewall.  I decided to install an over-sized oil cooler on this engine so I don't have any issues with oil temperature.  However, the oil cooler mount is sized for a standard 3 row oil cooler.  So, I had to do a little modification.  I simply cut the opening larger by trimming the top of the mount all the way up to the edge.  Then I fabricated and riveted a piece of aluminum angle to the top of the mount.  Add a few nut plates and I now have a cooler mount that fits the 15 row oil cooler perfectly!

A little better view of the front of the mount.