Friday, March 6, 2020

Side windows done

The side windows are done!  At least as far as I am going to take them for now.  As I mentioned earlier there will be some work after the airplane is painted.

I also installed the flap position indicator.  Turns out that was a bit of a challenge simply because I had to use a little geometry to figure out how long the "arm" that attaches to the flap rod needed to be to allow full travel of the flap motor to equal full travel of the 1.2" POS12 sensor.  Turns out that number is 3/8" from the surface of the tubing.  That's a lot less than I thought it would be.

Finally I installed a magnetometer shelf in the top of the tailcone.  This is a kit recently released by Van's and makes the process relatively simple.  It would have been much simpler if I had done it before I installed the top skin...

This is the POS12 flap position sensor mounted on the bulkhead.  The linkage goes down to a small 3/8" tab that is attached to the flap tubing using a simple Adel clamp.  This allowed me to set the angle properly.

Final window during the process of gluing it in place.

Right side windows installed.

I also installed the magnetometer mount in the tunnel overhead.  Originally I was going to install it in the wingtip but this location makes for a much shorter CAN buss run.