Thursday, January 28, 2021

FInishing up the firewall forward wiring

The past few weeks have been mostly about firewall forward.  I managed to get the CHT sensors, EGT sensors, oil pressure sensor, oil temp sensor, manifold pressure sensor, both alternator amperage sensors, and the fuel pressure sensor all installed and wired up.  I also finished the firewall forward installation of my SDS Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system (EFII) installed.  

The throttle cable and the prop control cable are both installed and connected although I still have work to do on the prop lever in the throttle quadrant.  I plan on anodizing it black to match the throttle lever.  Speaking of prop governor cables, I had to modify my top cowl because the "notch" I cut into the shroud for the governor was interfering with the full motion of the cable arms.  Oh well...its only fiberglass work.

I did my first install of the exhaust system.  Well actually I only installed the down pipes from the cylinder flanges so far.  I needed to do that so I could drill and install the EGT sensors and associated wiring.  The #1 cylinder downpipe also has the O2 sensor bung welded on at about 12.5" down from the exhaust flange. 

I had to do more work on the top cowl as you will see below.  The #2 cylinder injector was standing a bit proud of the top of the baffles which means there is a significant possibility that the normal shaking of the engine will cause the injector fitting to come into contact with the top cowl.  To remedy that situation I have modified the top cowl by cutting out the honeycomb material on the inside as well as a little re-clocking of the 90 degree elbow on top of the injector mount.

The fuel system forward of the firewall is now complete as well.  I ordered some pressure tested, fire sleeved hoses from Tom at TSFlightlines to finish up the job.  I love Tom's work!

I'm sure there were a dozen other tasks that I forgot to mention in this post but maybe you will spot some of them in the pictures below.

Backup Master Solenoid, XC solenoid, ANL fuzes, and current sensors wired up.

Injectors plumbed and wired up.

Lots of scrap wire on the floor from all the FWF wiring work

This is the number 2 injector that I discussed above.  You can't really see it in the picture but there is only about 1/4" of space between the cowling and the injector fitting.

Odd looking picture but this is looking aft into the intake snorkel on the scoop.  I was measuring the location so that I can align the Filtered Air box.  It looks like it came out perfect!

Another hard picture to visualize but this is looking outboard from the spinner opening at the prop governor and its associated fiberglass work.  The top baffle plate for the governor is not installed so I can see what it looks like outboard.