Sunday, April 16, 2017

Catching up with lots of little stuff

It has been a while so I thought it was time to post a few pictures.  Lots of changes recently both flying and otherwise.  For example the West Seattle house renters have finally moved out so I have been busy trying to get it ready for sale.  The housing market has improved significantly from the last time I tried to see it.  I've already had an offer for almost double what I listed it for in 2009.

Elsewhere I have been having lots of fun with the CNC and the 3D printer, some of which you will see below.  The weather hasn't been great for flying so we only got a couple of flights in lately.    I redid my exhaust hangars as well as finish up my annual air worthiness condition inspection.

This is the new oil cooler exit ducting.  The red hose is the inlet to my cockpit heating.  Overall it seems to work well but I've really only got one flight with it installed right now.

This is the CNC cutting out a test panel that will eventually replace my pilot side instrument panel. 
This is the new carbon fiber panel as it is being cut by the CNC.  If you look closely you might see that this panel actually has a blue tint to it....Carbon fiber and Kevlar.  :-)

See that white gadget in the middle of the seats.  I used the 3D printer to print that up..  See next picture to find out what it is.
Now my seatbelts wont slide behind the seats when I move them forward!

These seats come with a small black plastic plate that is supposed to protect the leather from the cross member that the seats lean up against.  Well since I installed the "Almost a 14" mod on my airplane the original plates didn't line up with the new cross member.  I decided to buy some plastic and cut my own...with a twist!  This is the template.
And this is what the actual piece looks like after I cut it out with the CNC.  Still not installed so no pictures of that yet.

Remember this?  I do....too well.  Actually I have decided that I am going to put it back in the airplane...with a slight modification....see next picture for a view of the test fitting after giving it a slight "trim".

Ok, here it is.  I really like it.  It gives me some arm support as well as a little more storage in the cockpit.  Besides one of very few things I didn't like about my cockpit was this center section.  Too much stuff gets dumped into that area between the seats.  Now I have to figure out how I am going to "finish" the new forward section.  I'm thinking a couple of drink holders...

Oh yea, we did actually go flying.  First time Jeff, Harry and I have got to fly together in a very long time.  This is us passing over Portland at about 1500' on our way to some excellent Mexican food at Molino.