Monday, December 7, 2020

A million little things

Wow has it really been since October that I last posted an update?  Well I haven't been completely idle these past several weeks but I will admit to going through one of those "less inspired" periods that I go through about once a year.  Hopefully this one is about over...

Anyway, as the title suggests there has been progress but its in the form of a bunch of little things.  Most of the time has been focused on the cowling and getting it properly fitted.  Here are a few of the things I've done since the last update:

  • I beefed up the "flanges" that I created for both the upper cowl to lower cowl seam and the lower scoop seam.  Originally I used about 4-5 layers of regular 9oz fiberglass layers but the end result was less sturdy than I wanted.  I ended up laying down a layer of carbon fiber with a layer of 9oz glass over the top.  That took a bunch of time because I also had to re-drill the holes for the receptacles.
  • I primed the two lower cowl halves so that I could rivet the receptacles on.
  • I adjusted several fastener hole locations to get them to fit better.
  • I installed the prop and spinner to test the gap and it was good for most of the circumference, but one of the bottom halves still needs work.
  • I fabricated a bracket and installed the four remaining fastener receptacles on the firewall at the bottom where the lower cowling and the scoop seam meets the firewall.  I had purposely held off on that area until the scoop was close enough to completion that I could be assured that the lines would match.
  • Cut the oil door opening and fit the oil door to that opening.  Hinge is drilled but still need to work on the latch.
In other news, I also installed the GNC255 tray into the radio stack and managed to get the backing plate installed.  There isn't a lot of hand space behind the panel in that area so it was a bit of a challenge.  This is pretty big since its the last of the avionics install tasks.

The baffling is primed and mostly installed now.  The only thing left is to tie in the bottom cylinder wraps, install the rubber seals, and install the engine mount covers.  That's actually what I am waiting for...I ordered the engine mount covers from Aerosport about a month ago and they still haven't shipped.  I guess Covid is sticking its nose into my business once again.

I also started working on the firewall forward wiring.  That includes moving the MAP sensors to the aft side of the firewall which required fabricating a mount on the sub panel.  Plenty of room but I do have to run the vacuum hoses through the firewall.  Should be easy enough to do.

Here are a few pictures from the past several weeks.  Much of the work was not photographed so I apologize for the lack...

Baffling installed after priming.

Ignition coils installed.

Oil door opening cut.

Seam flanges beefed up with a layer of carbon fiber and another layer of 9oz glass.

Here you can see where the receptacle holes were covered and had to be re-drilled.

Prop and spinner installed and cowling partially attached for fitting.  Good on the top and the left side but the lower right side needs some work.

Those two fasteners at the top of the photo that straddle the seam were installed after everything was fitted properly.

And finally, the cowl completely installed.  I still have several things to do such as the cowl flaps installation but its getting much closer to being done.