Sunday, March 19, 2017

First nice day in a while....and it was hailing airplanes out there!

Today Jeff, Martin and I got a chance to take nice lunch run to Sandpoint Idaho.  The weather on the way over was amazing, nice and smooth with a good little tail wind.  The flight back was a little bumpy but as I told my friend Ben, even a little bumpy is better than being on the ground!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of todays flight.

Belly up to the fuel pump everybody...

The mountains to the north as we flew over the Cascades

Another picture of the Cascades

Yes, this is another picture of the cascades to the South but believe it or not there is another airplane in the picture.
Ok, now the airplane is a little easier to see.

And here it is up close...with Jeff in the background.  This is Martin as I was closing in for some formation flight that Jeff could photograph.

The Sandpoint valley as we descended down for landing.

On final for the runway at Sandpoint.

CnC finally makes a move.

Yep, the CnC is moving under its own power now.  Next up...a few test cuts/drawings.

My extra large and clean workspace...aka dining room table that rarely gets used.

Yep, the CnC actually drew that ChiliPeppr logo on the table with that sharpie.

Stepping back a little this is the whole solution.  You can see the two power supplies on the left as well as the TinyG circuit board.

And here is the other side with the laptop that controls the cuts.
Closeup of the TinyG and its power supply.  Those wires go off to the 4 stepper motors.

Here is the back side with the nice wire chains.