Saturday, September 7, 2013

Flaps complete

Last night I was able to finish up the left flap and get it temporarily mounted on the wing.  Today was fuselage inventory day.  I am always amazed at how accurate the inventory of the Van's kits are but today I found three items missing.  I suppose given the sheer number of parts thats amazing and in this case it wasn't the fault of the person packing the crate, it was the bags that had some short parts.  I guess I will have to call Van's on Monday to see about getting the missing parts.  Anyway, I am done with the inventory but I still have a little work to get some of the larger skin pieces put safely away.

Left flap ready to mount on the wing.

This is what my inventory looks like about mid day.  Lots of parts!

Here is the first missing part.  There are supposed to be 8 of these platenuts but as you can see there are only 7.

Hmm, this one is upside down but you can see that there are a couple of cotter pins (one of each type) missing.