Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Crotch work

Get your mind out of the gutter I'm talking about the crotch strap mounts!  Last weekend my friend Jeff was curious as to why I hadn't installed the crotch strap mounts and the aileron trim components yet.  Well I didn't have a good answer for him so I thought I better look into it.  Turns out that now is the ideal time to do these tasks so that's part of what I was doing tonight.  I also managed to finish up the drilling out and removal of the parts that I have to replace on the main bulkhead that I mentioned in my last post.

However, that's not all that happened today.  I had a little retail therapy today.  Yep, I needed a few rivets to replace the large ones that I had to drill out so I spent a little time ordering up a few items from Aircraft Spruce.  Odd that when I finally checked out there were a few more items in the shopping basket than a few rivets.  A couple of cylinder head wrenches and a few more drill bits ended up in there too.  But wait there is more!  Since I'm in the mode of installing a few things that are best done before I zip up the fuselage I sauntered over to SteinAir and had a chat with Jed about a few items.  At the end of the conversation I had a list of items that included autopilot servo mounting brackets, magnetometer mount, and a bunch of wire for tail lights and elevator trim.  All in all it was a very therapeutic day!  Ok, on to a few pics.

The crotch strap mount on Amy's (the co-pilot) side.

Another shot of the crotch strap cleco'd in.

The fwd half of the bulkhead after I removed the uprights.

The uprights about to go into the scrap pile.  Its just a shame!