Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mid week musings

This weekend I will be traveling unfortunately so I wont get to do much on the airplane.  So, I am going to do a quick update on a little progress this week.

More happy mail...I got my five point seat belts!

Brake lines are installed finally.  You can see the parking brake valve behind the left rudder pedal.  A close up of the valve is in the next picture.  You may notice that I am using stainless braided hoses for my brake lines.  I didn't really like the plastic lines that Van's provides.

This is the parking brake valve.  I had to fabricate the mount you see and it includes an arm that I will attach the push-pull control cable to.

Here is a shot of the fuse panel hanging down from the panel.

I slipped the side panels in to check the location of the lights.  Looks like a good spot.

This is the right side of the brakes where they attach to the reservoir.