Sunday, April 13, 2014

Super Sunday

My week off is coming to a close and it was a glorious day in the neighborhood.  Temperature was in the low 70s today, the garage door was open and I made progress on the firewall forward section of the airplane.  I have to say that not doing things by the standard plans that Van's puts out has some great benefits but also a few drawbacks.  For example I have to purchase things as I find I need them which has led to several small orders from various vendors.  Lots of packages on their way home in the next week or so.  Only a few pics for today.

Here you can see the master contactor and the starter contactor.  These two little guys took me most of the day to install with all the backing plates and plate nuts.  You can also see the fuel line and associated backing plate that I installed later this afternoon.

In this picture you can see the firewall pass-throughs that I finished installing in the morning.  You can also see the brass bolts where the ground buss comes through.  you can see the ground tabs in the picture below.
Aft side picture of the firewall.