Sunday, June 22, 2014

ELT is in

This week has been a long one.  I have a few items that have been completed including installing and wiring up the ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter).  That however only took part of yesterday and it seems like the largest part of the week was spent wiring up the heated seats.  The wiring harness that came with the seats had to be dissected and rebuilt to fit into the center console which means a lot of head scratching time as I tried to find the best routing methods.  I also managed to finish up the baggage floor opening doors and get the ADSB receiver installed.

I am nearing a rather important point in my project.  The wiring harness is installed and most of the rest of the wiring is ready...its about time to power everything up for the first time.  That makes me nervous.

Here is the finished seat heat buttons.  There is a lot of wiring under the console that you can't see.

Oh yea, I also managed to spend a little time labeling.  Here you can see the dimmer labels on the pilot side.  I am using the DecalPro solution which has a rather large learning curve.  The labels are not perfect but they are actually pretty nice once I get them done right.

I took a break from building on Saturday and went flying.  I couldn't find anybody to go with me so I just went up and did a few maneuvers and the obligatory trip over the house.
Here is my ELT install.  I still have to do a little more cable control and I have to find a way to mount the portable antenna but that shouldn't be hard.  If I remember correctly the ELT kit includes a mount.

I tried 6 or 7 labels on the switch panel and only these two came out right on my first try.  This may take a while....
The baggage compartment is complete...mostly.  I got the transponder installed under the pilot side cover and the ADSB installed under the co-pilot side.  All that is left is the antenna's for both.

This is the magnetometer installation.  I still have to screw it down but today I managed to finish up the wiring.

The fuse panel is complete.  I added the last two wires today.  Now I can snug up the tie wraps and put it away.

And last but not least I finished up the weekend by priming the instrument panel and a few other miscellaneous parts.

These are the misc parts I mentioned in the previous picture caption.  This is the center floor covers where the aux fuel pump sits and the wiring/brake lines run under.