Sunday, June 15, 2014

Take a seat...

Time for our weekly update.  I actually have a few pictures that I think are worth looking at.  Yes, I spent the weekend doing more wiring and I still have a ton more to do but its starting to come together.  One big piece of news happened on Friday.  Amy and I drove to Oregon to pick up my seats for the airplane!  We were suppose to fly but the weather was a little spotty so I opted to drive instead.  Wow, it took all day to make a trip that should have taken a few hours.  Anyway, here we go with a few pictures.

Ok, I lied, I had to show at least one picture of some wiring since it seems I have done little else but run wires for a while now.

I decided to actually do something that required drills and mounting...So I went ahead and installed the Autopilot hub behind the baggage wall.

Oh, yea!  I figured I had to put the seats and carpet in so I could sit for the first time....Oh my!

Another view of the seats and carpet.

This is a picture of the carpet on the floor.  I think I am going to have to have these redone since they don't actually fit the fuel pump cover I am going to use.

I finally think the panel is almost done.  At least with what I have so far.  I still need to paint it and I need to add labels but other than waiting on the GRT Mini X that goes in that small square hole in the middle section I am feeling pretty good about this.  Pretty simple panel with a ton of functionality.

I purchased this ground tab block because the site that sells them said this would be enough for most experimental airplanes....well I guess mine is not "most".  I have three spots left and I don't think that's going to be enough.