Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hangar is available again

This week I learned that the weekdays are for the RV-10 and the weekend is for the Airport.  I was able to get some work done on the 10 this week as you will see below.  I am doing all the riveting myself which really slows things down but I am finding that I like the results much better.  I'm sure I have at least 4 more hours of riveting left on the horizontal stabilizer but it's actually very enjoyable and relaxing work.

I spent the weekend at the airport working on painting the walls and just organizing things so that I can put the 9A in there when it gets home in a couple of weeks (hopefully!).  I have been getting so much help from Harry that today I finally got a chance to give back a little.  Harry has been wanting to weigh both of his airplanes for a while now and today we got a chance to make that happen.  No pictures but I learned a little about how the chapter scales work.

One more time...this is what it looked like when I started this project.

Here is what it looked like on Saturday evening.  Look at all the garbage on the floor to the left of the picture.

And here is what it looks like as of tonight.  Still lots of organizing to do but at least I will be able to get the airplane back in here.  Harry let me borrow him and his truck to take the pile of garbage to the dump.
skins are back in the cradle and I am ready to start riveting the nose ribs in place.

Nose ribs are riveted in and the process of riveting the skins to the remaining ribs and spars has begun.  This is how it sits on this gorgeous Sunday evening where the temperature is a nice 75 degrees with a very light breeze to keep it from feeling too warm!

I took this picture because I am very happy with how the nose rib rivets turned out.  there is very little if any distortion of the skin, just smooth flush rivets.