Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Work gets in the way....sorta

So I missed a weekly post again but this time I have a good reason...I've been traveling for work.  Well that's kind of an exaggeration since it was really a vacation trip but I did have to attend a few work meetings while I was there.  Amy and I went to Hawaii (Maui to be exact) for a work related trip this past week.  It was a fun trip and I posted a few pics below.

On the RV-10 I finished up the horizontal stabilizer.  Next up is the elevators and I may make a modification to the trim tabs but we shall see how that goes.

The engine arrived this past week as well.  It was very well packaged and other than open up the crate, take a few pictures, and put in some desiccant I just sealed it back up and will attend to it when I find a shop to send the case to for overhaul.

On a less than exciting front I was suppose to be headed to Canada today to pick up the RV-9A from the paint shop.  I had a call with the paint shop owner earlier this week and found out that it will not be ready for another two weeks.  I'm very frustrated with the whole paint progress.  I was so excited about getting my airplane in early so I could use it for an upcoming conference trip but now it's even later than the original delivery date.  So frustrated...I hope the paint job is worth the wait.

And the final topic of the week is I got to fly with Jeff to Montana on Sunday.  We flew over there so I could drive me new truck home.  I bought my dads Toyota Tundra so I would have a truck to haul things around.  I'm getting tired of having to borrow the 4Runner back from Mariah or rely on friends for use of a hauling vehicle.

Here it sits in its plywood crate before I sealed it back up.  O-540 B2B5 which is a 235hp engine that I will be upping to 260-300 horsepower by swapping out the pistons and probably the cylinders.  No accessories so I have to buy a few of those yet and since I plan on using the EFII fuel injection/ignition system I will have to purchase that as well.

The finished horizontal stabilizer ready to go to storage.
The view out of our room at the Hyatt.

Panorama of lunch

Jeep tour of the Hana road

Sunset on our last night in Maui.