Sunday, November 19, 2017

Priming in high humidity

This week has been about priming.  Priming in high humidity is not a good thing because the air compressor tends to force that moisture out of gas and into liquid...right about the time it hits the spray nozzle on my paint sprayer.  This moisture either drips on the aluminum I'm trying to prime or it fans out into a nasty mist that speckles the aluminum.  Either way the primer will not stick to aluminum that is wet.  So, I have to go back, clean up the poorly adhered primer and then re-prime the aluminum.  It doesn't look good, which is ok for priming, but it definitely adds time to the project that doesn't need to be.  So, I did a little work to the air supply for my paint gun. I put a new moisture separator in line and I replaced the small moisture separator that I screw on to the base of my gun.  Between these two steps I seem to have got the moisture under control.  All in all it took 3 priming sessions to get everything primed.

Beside the priming marathons this week I did get a little work on the wings done.  The tie down ring attach points are riveted on.  The ribs are riveted on the right wing and I'm getting ready to put the rear spar on the right wing. 

Wing tie down mounting points installed.  Still need to attach some brackets on the back side for the aileron controls.
Round 2 of rib priming

Yea, figured a selfie was due.
Flap hinges riveted to the wing ribs.

Torque tube for control linkage riveted on the inner most wing rib.

I was having a bit of an issue with some of the rivet holes lining up so I got out the wing skin and cleco'd it in place to see if the rivets were ok...all OK.

After I riveted the wing ribs to the main spar I was looking at the rivets when I noticed this pretty cool view.  Reminds me of those infinity mirrors.