Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wings start to take shape

Turkey Day week!  Lots of food, family, friends, and even a little airplane building time.  What can be better?

This week the wings start to take shape.  I'm working both wings at the same time to make sure I build one for each side instead of two left wings... I hear that it has happened!  However, for these next few steps I am working one wing at a time because I just don't have room to do both wings at the same time.  Too bad actually...I need a bigger work space....and a bigger hangar...oh and while I'm at it I might as well have a runway outside my door too!

I ran into a bit of a snag on Friday and was a little frustrated so I decided to play with the new tech tools that have been made available to us.  Namely the new 3D models for Garmin avionics and Van's recent release of their instrument panel CAD files.  This is COOL!  I can see what fits where, including all braces and brackets.  I can add or delete components as needed to make my panel what I want it to be.  Oh, the models don't come with the pretty simulated display images, I had to add those.

Check out what you can do with the new 3D tools/models!  This is a potential layout including position of my avionics...much work to do yet but this is going to be much easier to lay out and create a nice neat wiring plan!

Started out with aileron attach brackets.  The two in the middle are not by plan actually.  Last year Van's put out a Service Bulletin about some cracking on a couple of aircraft where this bracket attaches to the rear spar.  The SB outlined an inspection and if cracking was found, a repair with new parts.  I decided to order the new parts and install them now so the SB will not affect me down the road.  These parts are much beefier and have a nice backing support as well (shown on the far right).

Right wing as I begin the process of riveting the rear spar to the assembly.  You will notice the plan book sitting on top of the wings.  The number of different sizes and positions is rather complex so I'm trying to keep the plans near to minimize Oops's.
This is the aft side of the new inner aileron bracket and attachment.  Its a lot beefier than the one it replaces and if you look at the next picture you will see even more beef!

Here is the back side.  This is two pieces of very thick aluminum riveted together in a U shape to form a very sturdy back side to the aileron attach bracket.
Left wing rear spar attached.  Next wing skins.