Monday, December 18, 2017

Another wing top skin

Not much to post for pictures this week.  I spent much of the week working on prepping the right wing for the top skin.  Again with ... cleco it on, drill the holes, countersink the appropriate holes, remove the skins, debur, dimple, and reinstall.  So as the wing sits now its ready to rivet.  I still have to finish loading the first round of rivets as well as tape them down but that shouldn't take more than another couple of hours.

I also spent a bit of time working on the electrical design.  I've seen several good plans posted on VAF in the past so I started researching what will be best for me given my mission with this airplane.  I think I have a solution that will work well but its not final since I am sure there will be changes as new avionics/electronics become available.  I made a couple of assumptions with the ignition wiring.  I am planning on using some form of electronic fuel injection, just haven't settled on the particular vendor.

Lastly, I did a little work on the 9 this week as well.  One task I hate to do is checking the tire pressure and as a result the pressure is always lower than I would like it to be.  I recently found a handy little tool that is sold by Cleaveland Aircraft tools that makes this job much easier.  This little inflation tool is long enough to allow me to check the tire air pressure and refill from outside the wheel pants!  All I have to do is drill a small 3/4" hole in the side of my wheel pants that is easily covered with a simple snap in cover available at any hardware store.  I forgot to take pictures so you will have to use your imagination for now.

Right wing ready for rivet loading.

See the cross marked on the wheel pant?  Thats where I drilled a 3/4" hole to give me direct access to the tire inflation stem.  Using a 3/8" socket on an extension I can reach in and remove the valve stem cover.  Then stick the inflation tool in to both check pressure and inflate as necessary.

Version 1 of the RV-10 electrical power distribution plan.