Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sandpoint Idaho trip

As one or two of you have noted I haven't been posting many flying pictures lately.  Its not because I don't fly much but because the pictures are always the same stuff...nothing new.  Well today that changed.  Flying in the winter can be absolutely stunning in beauty.  Sandpoint Idaho is nesteled in a valley that is worth the trip.  Harry, Jeff and I flew over there today for a "$5 cup of chili" as Harry puts it.

A few clouds as we got ready to launch.

Headed Eastbound (looking North at the Cascades) as we climbed up to our 9500' cruising altitude.

Jeff and Harry on the climb out.

Jeff was playing photographer again today so Harry was lining up for some great pictures.

Jeff swinging around so we can hopefully get a good picture of him.  He always takes the pictures with his SLR and the best I can do is my iPhone which takes great pictures but fixed lens.

Yep thats ice on the tarmac...and no we didn't land on our butts.

Unedited glamour shot of N1605A

Jeff's N825LL glamour shot.

Harry's N529LW "The Rocket".

Sandpoint got about 2' of snow recently.  We had to land on an ice covered runway which was 'fun'.
Headed home.

Mt Rainier with a few clouds at the base.

Starting our decent back into the Puget Sound.