Monday, February 19, 2018

Right fuel tank, almost done

I spent a lot of time on the right fuel tank this past week.  In fact since this was a nice 3 day weekend I spent the majority of it in the garage.  I got the right fuel tank sealed up and almost rivet complete before my back decided it had had enough for the day.  A little more riveting on the back baffle and then its time to let the Proseal cure enough for a leak test.  :-)

Ribs cleco'd in place with sealant.  Took a whole box of cleco's but the skin is nice and tight.

Inside view of the cleco'd tank.

And this is about 6 hours later.  All of the ribs are riveted with the exception of the farthest forward 3 rivets on the top side.  I still have to install the tank attach bracket before I can fasten the aft half of the inboard rib.

Top of the tank in the same state as the picture above.  I could not reach those last 3 cleco's on each rib so I took the fuel tank to the airport and had Harry help me finish those rivets.
Top J-Stiffener riveted in place.

Inside view of J-stiffener riveted in place.  Still have not finished encapsulating the shop heads with sealant in this picture.
Aft rib half riveted in place.  You will notice the fuel return fitting and the vent fittings installed in this picture.

Outboard rib with the extended range fuel transfer fitting installed....with LOTS of Proseal...I kinda went overboard on this one.

I took this picture so you could see the vent line end.  I curved it a bit around the fuel filler opening and then bent it up close to the skin.  This should allow less fuel to burp overboard when the fuel expands due to heat.

The vent line fittings are encased in Proseal (after torquing them down) to make sure there are no leaks that might limit how much fuel I can put into the tank.

Outside of outboard rib.  Not much Proseal here because there is a nice filet of sealant on the inside (see pictures above).

This is a vent line snap bushing penetration.  I put a little left over Proseal on the vent line and the fitting to keep them from vibrating and possibly cutting through the bushings.  Not likely but hey, I had some extra Proseal.

A nice shot looking into one of the fuel bays.

Fuel level sensor and float installed.  This is the empty position with the float on the bottom of the fuel tank.

And this would be the full position.

And this is how things stand as of this evening.  The Z brackets are riveted on and all thats left are the side rivets that should be pretty easy to install with the squeezer.  No Proseal required on these so I guess I am pretty much done with Proseal for this tank.

I poked my phone camera into the fuel filler opening to take a couple of pictures of the back baffle seal.  It looks pretty good in every location I can see.  Only a leak test will tell for sure though.  This picture is looking outboard at the end rib.

And this picture is looking inboard at the 2nd rib in.  The top left "line" is the baffle seal and you can see a bead of Proseal along the entire length which is exactly what I was hoping to see.