Sunday, February 25, 2018

Right tank curing, Left tank on the bench

I managed to get the right tank to the point where I need to let the sealant cure for a week or so before a leak check.  Now its on to the left tank.  Much of the prep work was already done (cleaning up edges, riveting nut-plates on the Z brackets, making the new anti-rotation brackets) so this should go a little faster than the right tank.  As of today I managed to assemble, final drill, trim, countersink, disassemble, debur, and dimple all the parts.  Next up is the reassembly with sealant.  I hope to get it to the point of a leak test in the next week because the RV-9A annual inspection is due in March and I plan to start that the first full week of March. 

Hopefully it will warm up a bit before then because the hangar is darn cold right now with an outside temp in the 20's.

Took this snapshot from one of the security cameras in my hangar this morning.  Notice the temperature INSIDE the hangar is 30.5 degrees Fahrenheit.  Brrrr.  I'm not going to be doing the annual in those temps that's for sure.

Riveting complete, now it waits for sealant curing.  I left my fuel tank caps at the hangar so I used some tape to cover the fuel inlet while it waits.

The other end of the tank with rubber gloves covering the fuel outlet and the return line fittings.  Not really sure why I didn't just use a finger from the glove instead of the whole glove....