Friday, January 11, 2019

Plodding along on Section 29

So far section 29 has been pretty fun.  Nothing critical yet, just some therapeutic edge dressing, deburring, dimpling, cleco-ing, final drilling, bending, and a few parts that need to be fabricated.   I've also started planning and purchasing parts I need to build the fuselage stand that will be the home of this part of the build for a while.  Not much to report on that one yet but soon.

First iteration of design for the fuselage stand.  High tech here!

Bending the left mid section side skin.  That wooden brace is made out of solid oak and was a bit of a pain to cut on my table saw.  However it seems to have done the job nicely as these bends came out pretty good.

Left side mid fuselage skin as I was finishing up the bending process.  You can see where the baggage door is if you look at the "dotted line".

I took this picture because these are the new stainless steel heater valves that I purchased from Aircraft spruce.  There is supposed to be a round flange on the open hole you see there.  I took this as proof for the replacement process.  I decided to go with stainless steel instead of the aluminum version that Van's provides.  In the unlikely event of an engine fire in flight this will help prevent that fire from coming in to the cabin.