Sunday, January 20, 2019

Section 29.. getting there

I think I expected section 29 to last for several months but from where I am at now I think I will be done before the end of February.  I will need some help riveting but the fabrication part is complete.  It's now time to disassemble, debur, dimple, and prime a few parts.  Then its rivet it all together and go on to section 30.  I'm pretty excited about that prospect.

This weekend was probably the most physical session I've had working on this airplane.  Drilling 72 holes in steel at a very slow pace is just hard!  Given that half of those required the drill to be pointing up makes it all the harder.  I took a couple of pics (below) of the parts I am talking about.

I am quite happy with how well the longerons fit after the bending process.  I used a bending die that I purchased on VAF and it really did make the job much easier.

On a related note, I ordered the electric boost fuel pumps this weekend.   Its not too many chapters before I have to install the fuselage fuel system.  I plan on using electronic fuel injection on this airplane and redundant fuel pumps are a must because there is no mechanical fuel pump installed on the engine for this configuration.

Here it is fully assembled (for section 29).  I was preparing for the marathon drilling session when I took this and the next picture.

This is one of the two lower mounts that needed to be drilled.  Notice the cleco's both top and bottom.  Those bottom holes were very tough to maintain any pressure on and keep the boelube (drilling oil) flowing into.

This is a view of the upper bracket.  I had already removed most of the cleco's in this picture.