Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Sad day for me - but good too

Today is the end of an era for me...  I sold N1605A yesterday and she left the nest today on her way to her new home.  I think I have mentioned this in the past but I always knew this day would come.  The 10 is getting pretty darn close to ready to go to the airport and I don't have room for two airplanes so the obvious question was 'when' do I pull the trigger.  I know I wanted to sell the airplane to somebody who would take great care of her and I think I got what I wanted.  The guy who bought the airplane is a well respected A&P (aircraft mechanic) who wanted a commuter for his wife and himself.  He had some specific wants and N1605A met them all.  

Needless to say its a hard time for me but I am mollified by the idea that she is in good hands and that the 10 is not too far away from being an airplane.  As I write the blog post I am watching the progress of her flight across the country to her new home in Missouri.  It looks like she is performing as well for her new owner as she did for me.  :-)

Anyway, I made some new friends and can be content with how things turned out... on to the pictures.

My security camera sent me this image of the guys loading up for departure.  

I took this picture using my cell phone...using the webcam that Spanaflight offers for the Puyallup airport.  You can see my baby leaving the nest!

And here she is mid flight on the first leg of the trip to Missoula.  Performing well!