Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The rush to the finish line (threshold)

 The past few weeks have been a blur of tasks to get the airplane ready for its air worthiness inspection next week.  As with the RV-9A it seems every time I get one task done another one pops up on the list.  So, here are a few of the items that have occupied my time recently.

  • Install and torque the wing bolts.
  • Hook up the wing wiring bundles
  • Hook up the fuel system in the wing roots.
  • Fix a couple of small fuel leaks.
  • do first engine start
  • fix a few wiring issues that cropped up
  • broke both control sticks (trying to bend them to fit properly)
  • engraved, installed, re-engraved with correct info, re-installed aircraft data plate
  • riveted in pitot tube mast
  • installed and wired up pitot tube
  • installed Autopilot roll servo
  • rigged control surfaces
  • configured VPX
  • configured G3X with engine parameters
  • troubleshot ID10T errors (multiple) on SDSEFI system
  • fixed oil leak on oil filter mount to accessory case
  • installed primary alternator
  • installed, torqued, and lock wired the prop
  • calibrated fuel tanks
  • weighed the aircraft and completed the weight and balance calculation.
  • etc etc etc

I'm sure there were a number of other items on that list but that's all that comes to mind right now.

Coming out of the hangar for the run to the fuel pump for tank calibration.  Harry is your chauffeur for this trip.

Long run past Mount Rainier on the way to the fuel pump.

Fuel filter on the co-pilot side...and the source of one small fuel leak.

First incorrect data plate.  The "Make" of this airplane was supposed to be my name.

The correct data plate before I trimmed it to size and installed it.

See those two small gouges beside the two holes in the middle?  Those were the source of my small oil leak.