Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lotsa metal work this weekend

This weekend I spent a lot of time cutting, polishing, deburring, bending, and vacuuming aluminum. I spent at least 8 hours over the past couple of days fluting and deburring the ribs and then getting them cleco'd up to the spars.  I then match drilled the lot, took it all back apart, and then proceeded to debur the holes, edges, and lightening holes.  Tomorrow I get to move on to the skins.

Travis came over on Saturday to help me move some stuff out of the garage and as you can see from the picture below I finally have my benches set up for building.  Still not ideal but its getting there.

I had a couple of neighbors come over this weekend and wonder what the heck I was building.  Its really fun watching the look on peoples faces when you tell them that you are building an airplane.  The first question is always "A model airplane?" I think one neighbor thought I was going to fly it out on the street!  :-)

both spars cleco'd up to the inner ribs.

deburring a hole