Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wings in the cradle

Today is a big milestone day for me.  Let me explain.  When I first started this project I visited a couple of builders that were in the process of building their 9A's.  Both of them had their wings in a cradle and I thought to myself how far I had to go.  Well, now my wings are in the cradle, not complete, but off the building jig and into the cradle for the next step in the project.  I'm jazzed!

Dad helped me put together my "flat" 2'x8' table for building the ailerons and the flaps, and Mariah helped me finish up riveting the right wing top skin.  We all celebrated by going to Olive Garden for dinner!  Mariah's favorite, and a condition to gaining access to her help.  ;-)

Today's pics.

Mariah readying the next batch of rivets.

Grandpa "supervising"

Wings in the cradle!

My flat table for building ailerons and flaps.

A super messy hangar but NO WINGS ON THE BUILD JIG!

The bottom side of the right wing.  Look Ma' no skin.