Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby its cold outside!

The title pretty much says it all!  Its been so cold that I haven't really had the drive to go out into the garage.  Even with my heater running all night it only got up to about 50 degrees in there.  However, that doesn't mean I was idle all weekend.  I did manage to get the firewall and a couple other parts primed.  That was my big hold up and the weather today warmed up enough in the sun that I could etch and rinse the firewall.  I did run into a slight hiccup though, after doing the etching I took the firewall out to rinse it off and both of my hoses were frozen solid.  I was pretty sure I drained them but there must have been some water sitting in a loop because nothing would go through.  So, I got out the bucket and used it to do the rinsing.  I think I rinsed my foot more than the firewall but at least its done.  Oh one other thing, I built the rolling fuselage stand that will allow me to move it around the garage.  Both cars should fit inside the garage comfortably once again.

The fuselage sitting upside down on its new rolling stand.  I added a little height to the stand for this part and after I finish the riveting and roll it right side up I will set it lower to the floor for ease of access.

This is a picture of the firewall after priming sitting on the front of the plane.  Still not ready for riveting but getting close!