Thursday, June 26, 2014


Aesthetics is the word of the week.  Pictures below will explain why but before we get there let me tell you about the majority of the work this week.  I was home sick for the past couple of days so didn't get a lot done on those days but overall I managed to get a few small tasks complete.  I managed to finish up the strobe wire runs, the nav light wiring, the landing light wiring, and the pitot heat wiring.  I also removed the ground bar that I installed last month since the only thing on it was the fuel pump.  I have one wire left to put into the VPX and that is for the MiniX that probably wont arrive until some time next month at the earliest.  The wiring harness is complete except for the engine analyzer wires that I can't install until I have an engine installed.  I haven't powered it up yet because I have a lot of checking to do before I give it a try.

I ran into yet another issue with my wiring harness that is really starting to bother me.  Today I went to hook up the engine analyzer connections that can be hooked up without an engine and found a few issues with it.  First the wires for the fuel level gauges are too short.  Second the wires for the outside air temperature sensor are too short.  Finally several of the screws on the connectors were stripped out and in one case the cover was actually reefed on so hard that it split.  See the pictures below to see what I mean.  I emailed Jon at SteinAir again and copied Stein himself because this is really starting to become a customer service issue.  I am trying to remain positive about the whole wiring harness because Stein has been great to work with and I want to see him succeed.  (6/30/2-14 Update:  Stein himself has jumped into this conversation, even when he is away dealing with family illness, and things have gone "red alert" over there.  They are doing everything possible to make sure my harness is perfect!  I really love working with somebody like that!)

Anyway I will get off my soapbox now and show you some of this weeks work.

I sent off my registration application to the FAA and I sent off the registration for my ELT to NOAA.

I wasn't planning on this but I ended up running my pitot, static and AOA hoses.  This is where the pitot and AOA come in from the left wing.

Lots going on in this picture but the main reason for taking it was to show the pitot, static and AOA hoses installed.

Somewhere in the middle of this picture is the outside air temperature probe.  Its the little silver rod sticking out of the bottom of the wing with an orange gasket/washer under it.  This is when I discovered that the wiring harness is not long enough.

And here is the picture I referenced above.  See the issue?
Well, here it is.  The aesthetics I was promising you.  I put the new carpet in with the seats and the newly painted panel and what you see is about all you get when I am ready to fly.  The only piece I am missing is the GRT MiniX that will go where I have the pretty little picture cutout in the center panel.  Other than that its done.   Still need to finish up the labels and decide how I am going to cover the center console.  Right now I am thinking vinyl for the sides to match the seats and then blue to match the switch panel on the top...maybe.

Side view...ignore the wires...these are not the wires you are looking for... move along..

Full shot of the seats...

And a shot with the baggage area carpet installed.  I few panels are missing from this area but I didn't feel the need to install them just to have to remove them when I am done...Dang this all looks good!!