Sunday, July 6, 2014

The engine ... part 1

As the title suggests I started on the assembly of the engine.  I had hoped to make this some kind of EAA event but I couldn't find a guru willing to be the supervision so today I decided to start assembling it myself.  Its not hard but the manual really sucks so I am using a variety of different sources for information.  I have a couple of pictures below and I have a lot of work left to go.

I also worked on the canopy this week.  I have it all trimmed and ready to glue but I have some painting to do first so the glue will have to wait.

Finally I worked on the wheels and brakes.  I got the mains mostly ready to install on the airplane and the nose-gear is pretty close but I haven't put the wheel on yet.  I need to adjust the breakout force before I do that.  I need a small fish scale to measure how much weight is required to make the wheel swivel.

Left main wheel and brakes.  I still need to drill the axle for the cotter pin but I am waiting on a response from Avery on the nut that they offer for their RV jack.

Here is the windshield all trimmed and ready to glue down.  Lots of work yet before I get to that step but I am hopefully past the stage of cutting and sanding the plexi.

Interior view.

Here is the engine after phase one of the assembly process.  Still having issues with the push-rod tubes not wanting to stay in place.

Here is the bottom of the engine after I installed the sump.