Sunday, August 17, 2014

This thing might actually fly...once I figure out how to get it out of there...

After this weekend I really feel like I am building an airplane.  With a little help from Amy, Travis and Mariah (all at different times) I was able to make a lot of very cool progress.  Check out the pictures below.

A couple items I didn't take pictures of include finally installing the aux fuel pump and getting it wired up.  I also ordered most of the hoses I will need to hook up the engine (Oil cooler, fuel lines, brake lines, and sensor lines).

I don't know what I am so happy am I going to get this thing out of here?!?  Chainsaw the support I guess...

Amy helped me install the comm antenna.  She can get into the airplane so she held the antenna in place while I put the nuts on.  I then routed the antenna cable through the appropriate wire run grommets and put a new end on the cable.  All hooked up and ready to go.

Here is a small panorama picture of the airplane as it sits tonight.  Saturday Mariah helped me install the right wing and then a little later in the day Travis helped me install the right.   I spent the entire day today leveling, measuring and then finally installing the flaps and ailerons.  That means I also hooked everything up so now all control inputs are working.  I didn't lock everything down since I have to take this all back apart.  The whole purpose for putting the wings on was so I could do all that measuring and drilling.  Still lots of work to do before I remove the wings, including drilling the all important rear spar attach bolt hole.

While I was waiting for some help on Saturday I decided to go ahead and mount the rest of the exhaust pipe that includes the mufflers and the heater muffs.  These new trombone pipes are really easy to work with!