Sunday, November 23, 2014

A little here...a little there...

Lots of details this week.  Not many pictures but lots of smaller tasks complete.  First, the instrument panel is least temporarily.  I say temporarily because I decided to order and install an instrument that will monitor and allow me some control over my electronic ignition system.  That instrument has to be mounted in the panel so at least one more time I will be pulling my pilot side panel out to cut yet another hole.

Jeff came over on Sunday to give me a hand and I had planned on having him help me fill the brake system with fluid.  Turns out I didn't have the pump necessary (oil squirt can) so instead we installed the canopy again and then chatted about various things.  I later went to the local auto parts store and purchased the squirt can and then filled the brake system.  I also greased the nose wheel pivot while I was doing the greasy stuff.

I went through the fuel system and installed the remaining hoses.  I found I still have one hose that is about 3" too long so I will be sending that one back for a trim.  The rest of the system seems to be good now.

One of the items on my list of to-do's before I take the airplane to the airport is to get the throttle and mixture cables installed.  Well since I am using a center console and forward facing induction I am having to fabricate the mounts for both ends of the cables.  For the center console I had to remove one of the inner bulkheads and move it about an inch forward, re-drill, dimple and rivet it before I could install a clamping system that will safely attach the cables.  For the engine side I have to fabricate a couple of brackets to do the same thing but these have to be made from steel instead of aluminum.  I am in the process of fabricating them from aluminum now and when I get the geometry correct I will make them from steel.

And of course I spent a lot of time this week on the plenum.  I can't wait until I can start doing weekly posts that don't have the word plenum in it....that day is coming soon as you can see from the pictures below.  Maybe one more post since this is Thanksgiving week and I have lots of airplane time in the mix.

First on the list for the week was the right side panel.  Mark took this picture of me watching the CNC machine cut the panel out of carbon fiber.

I realize that its hard to take a picture of carbon fiber but this is about as good as I could do without being out in the daylight and its WAY to cold out there to be rolling the airplane outside for a photo shoot.

Remember a week or two ago when I showed the pictures of the oil separator drain/check valve?  Well, here is the final solution.  I trimmed off the flange that is suppose to be hose clamped to the pipe.  Then I drilled the hole for the drain to fit into.  Now I have to take it to a TIG welder on Tuesday to have it welded in place.

The plenum is getting very close to being done.  I spent a lot of time sanding, fiber-glassing parts and waiting...  Here is the last piece to be added to the beast.  Its the aft right side corner where the oil cooler would normally sit.

And this is what it looks like Sunday evening.  The plenum is now whole and ready for finishing.  Lots of micro and sanding...drilling of holes to final size.. priming...and installation of some plate nuts that allow me to bolt it to the baffles.  Speaking of baffles you will notice I trimmed them down to their final size.  Getting close!
Just for fun I decided to fabricate this little finger pull from carbon fiber.  I was going to use Tee aluminum but nobody in the Seattle area sells the stuff so I decided to give it a try using carbon fiber.  I'm glad I did, this actually turned out pretty nice.  I will probably paint it eventually but in the mean time it looks cool, is very light, and very strong.  You can see where it goes in the next picture.

This is the top of the sliding canopy.  When the canopy slides shut it actually drops down about 3" or so on the aft side to seal the cockpit.  It can be a bugger to slide the canopy open from the outside without lifting the aft end of the canopy.  By attaching this finger pull at the aft end  I will be able to lift up and pull back which should make opening the canopy much easier.