Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby its back!

Wooo Hooo, the RV is flying again as of Saturday and the full throttle issue seems to be resolved!  Harry, Anne, Amy and I flew to Jefferson County Airport for brunch and it was the first flight since I replaced the mufflers with strait pipes.  I noticed a couple of things, first the mufflers don't really do much for sound on the inside.  Second, the airplane is now able to get up to full throttle and develop max prop RPM.  Following Harry in his Rocket today I was able to hit 200 mph which is a first for me.  The red line for this airplane is a little more than 200 but I am very happy with 200 after all the stuff I have gone through.

This flight was the first in a couple of weeks.  During that time I finished priming the lower cowl, the wing tips and the nose gear fairings.  Still on the list is the main gear fairings and the spinner.  That may take a while because I am super excited about having the airplane flying like it should have from the beginning!

Amy is our tour director for this blog post and most of the photo's below are courtesy of her...

Lookie here, two of my favorite things in one picture!  This is taken while I was fueling up for the trip.

Sorry, couldn't resist another smiling Amy picture....

This is Harry's Rocket....I've been waiting a long time to get one of these pictures from my airplane.  I haven't had a passenger to take pictures with Jeffs airplane in flight yet so thats still on my list.

On the way home we buzzed Snoqualmie Falls.  Look at this picture, it looks like a watercolor.  Poor Amy was having a hard time keeping the camera still because it was pretty bumpy at this point in our flight.
Took this picture Sunday morning before Martin and I took off to trail Jeff in his RV-7A.  Martin installed a GoPro camera system in Jeffs airplane...but more on that later.

Another picture from Sunday.

Jeff and I stopped at Bremerton for lunch today.  This picture looks similar to the one I took a few weeks ago except this time I have my wheel pants and fairings installed.