Sunday, October 4, 2015

Republic WA trip

I've been promising my friend Gary that I would visit his home in Republic Washington for a while now.  Well that day finally arrived.  Jeff, Joe, and I launched out of Puyallup early Sunday morning (last week September 27th) and an hour an a half later we were landing in Republic.  Gary met us, took us to his place for a nice tour and then out for some lunch before we headed back to the airport.  I got to take Gary up for a short trip around the lake but I hope we get to go for a longer ride someday.  Anyway, here are a few picture.  Oh, with my new job and the flying I've been doing I haven't really worked on the 10 much.  As expected...

Jeff and I parked at Republic airport.

Gary's "man cave"...complete with kegerator and popcorn machine!  Oh, there is a wine cooler in there too.

No man cave is complete without the pool table!

Obligatory selfie with Gary.  :-)

Gary took a few pictures during his ride and the next few are the result.  His house is down there on that lake somewhere.

Nice steep turn.

Ah, I recognize the sausage house...can't see Gary's house though.