Sunday, May 15, 2016

Taking shape...

Once again I was out of town for the majority of the week so not much work got done on the 10.  I managed to get the engine out of the crate and up on the engine stand so I can begin the disassembly process.  I also got some time to work on the hangar finishing up the drywall hanging.

I do have some exciting news though..the 9 is almost ready.  Yes I know I said I was going to pick it up this friday but as I suspected would happen it got delayed.....again.  However, they have been sending me pictures so I know it's being worked on.

Masking for the red and blue....the design is starting to show.

More masking...without the actual design its hard to see where this is going... ;-)

Ok, a little more detail but the color can be deceiving... that's all I'm going to say.    

Lets play name that part....
Finally out of the crate and ready to put on the yellow engine stand.

I got the engine up on the stand and found that there was still a lot of oil in there.  In this picture you can see where I am draining the oil from the prop governor pad cover.  At least its up on the stand now and I can begin the disassembly process.

Drywall is done, now I'm waiting for the mud to dry so I can do another quick pass and then paint it.
Here is my new wallpaper....its the laminated RV-9 plans that I got from Jeff.  I decided they would look great on the wall so I started the hanging process while I was in the hangar today.