Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend of Flying!

This weekend I was "jones'n" to do some flying and when Jeff mentioned flying to lunch on Saturday I was all in.  I had a meeting at Fall City airport that was a lot of fun but after a brutal drive to Puyallup (don't go down the Orting valley highway during pumpkin season!) I got the airplane out and pre-flighted.  Jumped in to take it over for fuel and found that my battery was completely dead...I had left the electric boost pump on.  I guess there is no need to put that on my battery bus so that's going to change soon.

Anyway Harry saved the day with a battery out of his lawn tractor and we eventually launched for Skagit valley airport for some lunch.  On the return trip we stopped by Tacoma Narrows to visit Martin and his new RV-4, and then back to PLU.  I stuck around for about an hour before a fellow RV-9A builder showed up so we could take a ride in my 9.  All in all a great day of flying.

Sunday Harry rode with me to Boise to meet another RV-9A builder who is nearing completion and wanted to ask a few questions and see in person some of the pieces he is working on.  We flew about 5 and a half hours on Sunday!

Taxiing in for the run-up

Run-up before the flight to Skagit

Some formation flight on the way back from lunch to TIW

Martin in his new RV-4

Run-up for the return from TIW to PLU.